Bringing people together…

Getting things done

Southwest Denver is seeing renewed energy. Over the past three years, we have worked together to increase community involvement throughout the district. Together, we will harness that energy and keep our neighborhoods moving forward. We will have a place where it is safe to live, work and raise a family; that offers opportunity for entrepreneurs and job seekers; and that possesses Colorado-style urban amenities. Here are the issues that will produce those results.

  • Loretto Heights Campus: A local developer has purchased the iconic 72-acre Loretto Heights property, following the closure of the university that operated there. Councilman Flynn has secured a commitment from the city to conduct the first-ever neighborhood planning process in the council district, complete with significant public input. The developer has agreed to pause any specific planning until the community-driven plan is developed and is approved by the City Council. I will lead the community engagement effort to a conclusion that adds value to the district.
  • South Sheridan Commercial Area: The retail and entertainment area on Sheridan Boulevard at Evans Avenue used to be filled with a variety of choices. Over time, its offerings have diminished. Last year, a panel of urban land use experts came up with a viable approach to revitalization, based on community input. Now, the Urban Land Institute has enrolled a class of 30 people to develop three attainable redevelopment proposals, to be unveiled this fall. We will engage the community to push these proposals forward.
  • Neighborhood Voice: In the first term, my office led the efforts to establish three new Denver Registered Neighborhood Organizations that had no official standing in city matters, and expand the boundaries of a fourth one. In the second term, I will continue these efforts until every neighborhood in the district has an official voice in such issues as rezoning applications, neighborhood plans, hearings for marijuana or liquor licenses, and more.
  • Reduce Speeding: A persistent problem, speeding in neighborhoods is a serious quality of life issue. There is no silver bullet that prevents all speeding, but my office will continue to lead multi-faceted efforts to combat speeding. We distributed more than 350 “Slow: Children at Play” yard signs around the district, and arranged for traffic police to set up ticketing enforcement on streets where neighbors have these signs.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety: I will step up efforts to stripe our designated bicycle routes, which have a twin benefit of providing designated bike lanes while narrowing automobile paths to encourage slower speeds. Last year, I budgeted for the enhanced crosswalk at Federal and Evans; I will push for more of these pedestrian enhancements at other intersections where there is heavy conflict.
  • Affordable Housing and Homelessness: We will step up our outreach to the increasing number of homeless individuals we have living in our district, and offer access to transitional and supportive housing options. In addition, I will engage with the non-profit sector to promote affordable housing through mechanisms including community land trusts, assistance for seniors to remain in their homes, and others that ensure a diversity of housing options in southwest Denver.
  • Public Safety: In the first term, I reached my goal of giving the police department the personnel numbers it needed to reduce response times to emergency calls by 25 percent in southwest Denver. Now we need to maintain those staffing numbers to ensure that we remain a safe place to live, work and raise a family.
  • Budget: Denver is fortunate to have had consistent budgetary leadership over the nearly four decades I’ve been active as City Hall as a journalist and now as your representative on City Council. The city has a healthy fund balance that can help us weather rough times. But it requires a constant and watchful eye on spending. I have been a watchdog for you, casting votes against spending programs I’ve judged as counter-productive. I will redouble those efforts in a second term.

Please cast your vote next May 7 for Kevin Flynn for Denver City Council District 2.